More About Receptra

Receptra is widely respected in the CBD world for their commitment to quality and testing. The brand is applauded by a loyal customer base who claim Receptra’s CBD products are among the, if not the, most effective nutritional supplements out there.

Receptra’s product line stands out because of the unique combinations of CBD and organic, natural ingredients for a synergistic, healing effect. For example, Receptra’s award-winning CBD tinctures contain turmeric, another anti-inflammatory. Another example is their broad spectrum CBD balm with arnica and other natural plant-based remedies to provide comfort and relief.

Another reason that Receptra stands out is their intense attention to dosing. When experimenting with CBD, many people have difficulty with dosing and can get confused by serving sizes, etc. on the product labelling. Receptra eliminates dosing confusion by clearly putting milligrams of CBD oil per serving boldly on the front of each label.

Receptra is committed to using only all-natural ingredients throughout their product line. The brand is known to be meticulous, both when it comes to their organic sourcing and their science. Receptra spends a lot of time on testing their products both in-house and by independent labs as well as on research into the science of cannabinoids.