More About Organixx

Organixx is an industry leader when it comes to combining cutting-edge science with nature’s most ancient healers. The brand is known to think outside the box by creating heavily researched supplements with one-of-a-kind combinations. Organixx prides themselves on stellar ingredients, and many of Organixx products boast the USDA organic seal.

Part of what makes Organixx supplements different from other organic supplements out there is their unique fermentation processes. By fermenting potent, natural ingredients, Organixx makes nutritional products that are more effective and better for gut health. Since science points to the gut as an epicenter for immunity and wellness, Organixx shrewdly makes sure every single one of their offerings is like a gut boost.

The dreamy, non-GMO Organixx line is segmented into the following wellness categories:

  • Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Essential oils
  • Pain relief and inflammation

To help customers achieve organic wellness in each area, Organixx offers potent and tested formulas in the form of nutritional powders, capsules, oils, and more. Perhaps their most celebrated product, the Organixx turmeric supplement is unlike anything else on the market. Organic turmeric extract combines with organic ginger and vitamin D3 in a serious anti-inflammatory wonder-pill.

Another great example of the ingenuity at Organixx is their Magi Complex capsules. The team researched a synergistic effect between the compounds in turmeric, frankincense, and myrrh to create this 100% original and anti-inflammatory blend.