Verified Coupons FAQ

How does Verified Coupons work?

Verified Coupons is exactly what it sounds like — online coupon codes that have been verified to work. Period. If you’re like us and won’t tolerate sketchy digital coupons, you’ve found the right place!

Simply use our verified coupon codes to shop with your favorite brands and for your favorite products. And save major $$$!

Verified Coupons is a real goldmine, but it’s even more lucrative if you already shop with one of our listed brands. If you’re new to the products and brands listed on our website, check them out! From CBD to nootropic supplements and pet products, we have a wonderful selection of high-quality, trusted vendors with offerings to keep the whole family happy!

Why should I use the Verified Coupons site?

When you use Verified Coupons, you can be sure that your coupon code will work EVERY TIME! That’s our main value proposition.

That said, the people who benefit most from using Verified Coupons are people who regularly use health and wellness products. We’re not making any medical claims that these brands can cure you of an illness obviously, but we know that they are:

  • Mission-driven
  • Ethical
  • Reliable 

In the nutritional supplement world especially, it can be really hard to find reputable brands that you know are doing the right thing by way of ingredients, etc. at an affordable price.

By using Verified Coupons regularly, you can whet your appetite for all things wellness related at a fraction of the cost. From hemp oil to pet supplements to the latest and greatest in nootropics, Verified Coupons helps you save BIG TIME on health and wellness products from awesome brands. 

The best part? The coupon codes ALWAYS WORK! 

What are coupon codes and how do they work?

Coupon codes are lines of text containing letters and/or numbers that when applied to an online purchase, work just like a paper coupon. For example, if you find a verified coupon code from our website for 20% off, you will type in that coupon code at checkout when you purchase to receive a 20% discount. Verified Coupons only lists verified coupon codes guaranteed to work.

How do I search for a specific online retail brand?

Go to the Verified Coupons Brand Page to search for the brand you are looking for.

How do you choose what brands to work with?

At Verified Coupons, we make sure that every vendor we choose to work with is mission-driven, ethical, and reliable. If you are interested in joining the Verified Coupons Circle of Brands, please contact [email protected].

How do I post a coupon code on the Verified Coupons website?

If you are a mission-driven, ethical, reliable brand with high-value products, you may be considered for the Verified Coupons Circle of Brands! Please email [email protected] with an inquiry to get started.

How are archived coupons different from expired coupons?

If a coupon is archived, no one may use the coupon on new subscriptions, whereas an expired coupon has an actual expiration date. If you set an expiration date, the coupon can no longer be added to subscriptions after the end of the set date.

What’s the difference between a coupon and a coupon code?

When buying online, coupons and coupon codes are one in the same. If you are purchasing from someone’s website, you obviously cannot present a physical coupon with your purchase. Instead, you enter a coupon code.

How do I find out about the latest new coupons?

Sign up for our newsletter! We’ll keep you updated on the latest and greatest from exceptional brands and awesome products.

Can I use the same verified coupon more than once?

No, a verified coupon will only work once per user.

What if my coupon code does not work?

Guess what? That doesn’t happen here! Verified Coupons work every time. But if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.