About Verified Coupons

Coupons that actually work!

Frustrated by coupon codes that don’t work at checkout?

Tired of searching the web for verified coupons for your favorite brands?

Trying to save as much $$$ as possible on expensive health and wellness products?

We feel you because we ARE you. We love coupons! Who doesn’t?! But here’s what we don’t love — online coupons that don’t work. 

We’re through with the coupon struggle. We only want 100% verified coupons that work EVERY TIME. So we created a space where that dream is a reality. Because our time is valuable. And yours is too.

Why Verified Coupons?

You find a great coupon. You’re excited to save. You go to buy. And after the whole song and dance, your coupon code doesn’t work at checkout. Waste of time? Yes. Necessary struggle? No!

At Verified Coupons, you don’t have to worry about your coupon code failing you when you go to purchase. Our online coupon codes work every time!

How We Do It

Verified Coupons promises that each and every coupon you find on our site will work. Every time. We can guarantee that due to:

  1. Our 24/7 verification process- Our devoted staff and cutting-edge verification process are dedicated to coupon code vigilance. If money never sleeps, neither do coupons!
  2. Our relationships- In business and in life, relationships are everything. First, there are the good relationships we maintain with the vendors listed on the Verified Coupons site. These positive relationships help us to get the best deals for our customers and keep us in the loop on any changes, new products, etc. Last and most importantly, our relationship with you, the customer, is what fuels us to do what we do. 

The Verified Coupons Promise

The Verified Coupons promise is that each and every coupon you find on our site will work. Every time. All our online coupon codes are constantly verified by our staff to make sure they are still live and that you can still save. We want you to have peace of mind knowing these are verified coupons you can trust…

Think about it. What’s the overall purpose of coupons, anyway? Coupons should save you time and money. We believe online coupons (when they work) should give you that little savings buzz when you score on something you want. Verified Coupons can put that pep in your step when you save on something you need. 

And coupons should be fun! Many of us grew up having a blast cutting coupons we got in the mail. But now with so much online shopping happening from groceries to cars, verified online coupon codes are usually the way to go to save $$$. 

We promise to bring the fun back to online coupons by taking the guesswork out for you. So sit back. Relax with verified coupons you know will always work!

Explore Verified Coupons and SAVE!

At Verified Coupons, you can zero in on your favorite products that you already buy. But we also want you to explore what’s happening with other outstanding products and brands! Our site is a great place to find savings on new lifestyle products for you, your home, your family, and even your pets. You can explore all the verified coupon codes we have to offer by both BRAND and CATEGORY. We offer the absolute best in verified online coupons in the following categories:



Health & Wellness



For the Home


Pet Care

Stop wasting your time with dicey coupons. Make couponing fun again with verified coupons that actually work!